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Forward Collection



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x1 Forward Crisp - Pinot Grigio/ Riesling
This blend of grape varietals is full of orchard fruit flavor and true to its namesake has a clean, crisp finish. Serve well chilled
x1 Forward Exotic - Moscato
Our Exotic Moscato is very fruity with strong notes of melon and citrus followed with a crisp bite. Very light and elegant. Excellent with various types of cuisine and desserts or enjoy it on its own.
x1 Forward Smooth - Cabernet Sauvignon
This Cabernet is surprisingly light on its feet, with fresh and well-calibrated acidity and ripe, supple tannins. 10% Barrel aging helps to round up the pallet and makes this wine nicely smooth.
x1 Forward Bold - Malbec Cabernet
The Malbec variety is known for its depth and intensity, balanced by the finesse of the Cabernet. When you let the wine linger on the palate for a moment you will notice hints of plums, berries and spice.
*x2 PIW Branded 12oz Wine Glasses
*x2 PIW Branded Acrylic Party Plates