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A Blooming Good Wine Package

Just in time to celebrate Easter and Spring!
Enjoy this selection of wines that will pair well with your Good Friday fish, your Easter ham and your lighter spring fare.



x3 Bottles LOLA Gewürztraminer VQA

This wine has a flamboyant bouquet of lychees, roses and passionfruit and it is not uncommon to notice some spritz or fine bubbles on the glass.

x3 Bottles Eco Red VQA

Eco Trail is a carefully crafted blend of Cabernet Franc, Baco Noir and Chambourcin. Pelee Island may contain one of the largest concentrations of endangered organisms in Canada. Two Anuran species, Blanchard's cricket frog and Fowler's toad seem to have been extirpated from Pelee Island, but in the last couple of years scientists have made voice recordings of the cricket frog, leading us to believe that this tiny tree frog still exists on the island. Pelee Island Winery is actively involved in preserving the unique Carolinian habitat. 

2 Packs Floral seeds from Cindy's Home & Garden